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Uniting the Prairies Tech Conference - Group Show

The Avenue Room, 119 3 Ave S.
May 22nd, 2024
7:00pm - 10:00pm



I'm a Cree artist from Treaty 6. Territory Saskatoon, Saskatchewan. Art had taken the form of graffiti and illustration in my teens. During elementary and high school I was always doodling in class. I didn't realize at the time that it would lead to something bigger. During my time at the University of Saskatchewan, studying psychology, I began to take art more seriously. I started to combine Indigenous ways of knowing with concepts in psychology and other fields of study. Spiritualty, Energy, and Vibration are at the core of my artwork. I'm interested in representing a combined perspective of Spirit and Science through abstract forms and color.

Jo Van Young (They/Them) is a visual artist living in Saskatoon, Sk. Their focus is abstract expression with uncommon intuitive colour combinations that emote feeling. They are inspired by colours in nature and often use music to bring out subconscious ideas. They co-own Alt Haus, a home decor boutique shop and do large scale abstract murals along side their visual art practice. 

The Treaty 6 territory on the Saskatchewan prairies in its natural form is how Hailey first developed a sense of place. She is a recent graduate from the Bachelor of Fine Arts Honours program at the University of Saskatchewan. Hailey has developed roots within her community through playing varsity soccer with the University of Saskatchewan, developed bilingualism, diverse volunteerism, and many lived experiences within the community she calls home. Beyond that, Hailey has had the opportunity to travel throughout nearly all of the provinces in Canada, numerous locations in America, Australia, Italy, Mexico, Paris, and beyond in the early years of her life. At a young age she started to conceptualize how places are experienced differently by people.

Through funded research, she has been studying the effects of positionality and identity on one’s perception of place. Noting equally how the presence or absence of representation might allow for new emotions to seep into the work. Through her lived experience, she has come into contact with an incredibly diverse variety of individuals widening her perspective on how others experience life. This investigation of people, place, and culture is central to her practice.


Hailey has been the recipient of a variety of Awards, notably the Judy Poole award for the most distinguished graduate from the department of Art and Art History at the University of Saskatchewan. Other recognition includes the Misanchuk memorial travel award for research, an Honours Research Scholarship from the college of Arts and Science, the Elizabeth Schollie award for exceptional work in the field of painting, five scholarships from Sasksport, the Anna Bychinsky Award for excellence in the fine arts, and support through the Prince Edwards Scholarship from SaskArts.

Allie Kell is an emerging artist and mother of two living in Saskatoon, Saskatchewan. Her painting has evolved from a hobby into a lifeline of self-expression and self-preservation amid the beautiful chaos of motherhood. Inspired by her children, Allie has developed a newfound appreciation for the ebb and flow of daily life and is reconnecting with her inner child through play. She uses acrylic paint to capture the beauty of everyday subtleties, transforming them into vibrant narratives that evoke emotion through abstraction.

Creative Director & Exhibition Curator: Rowen Dinsmore
Project Coordinator: Kehan Fu

Music: Hannah Scheu
Event Support: Anna Setyo, Aldeneil Española, Josh Campillos, Delaney Beaton, Hannah Pek, Graeme Jobe, Cora Xiao, Devin Bradburn
Exhibition Contributors

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