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Returning To
Group Show in Saskatoon, SK, Canada. Treaty 6 Territory.
November 25th 2023

Gallery Hour 1: 4:30pm - 6:30pm
Gallery Hour 2: 6:30pm - 8:30pm
Reception: 9:00pm - midnight

Generously funded by
SK Arts


An homage to our humble beginnings. Join us for ‘Returning To’ on November 25th, as we revisit the ideas, the inspirations, and the people that provided space for our first art shows years ago; in a home.

In collaboration with Vintage Muse.

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Curatorial Statement

In life and in art, we discover an extraordinary connection between creation and the sensation of being 'at home’. The act of creating something is a reflection of yourself; your home, your art, your life.


To feel 'at home' is to bask in collections of your own inspirations, memories, and aspirations. We find it not only in the familiar embrace of our surroundings but also within the deep chambers of our inner selves. As we embark on the journey of 'Returning To,' we traverse a path that leads us both outward and inward. It is a voyage of rediscovery — returning to the very heart of what defines our sense of home.


This collection of artists serves as our storytellers, each weaving narratives that transcend the tangible. They remind us that our homes are not just spaces but living canvases. In this interplay of art and environment, we manifest our innermost inspirations, creating not just a home but a masterpiece. It is in this harmonious blend that we find both inspiration and peace, where our homes become the very embodiment of who we are.'


Returning To' invites us in and shows us where art, nostalgia, and the essence of home converge. It is a celebration of the artistry that resides within us all, a tribute to the spaces we cultivate, and a testament to the rooted nature of feeling 'at home.'


Aldeneil Española Jr. (he/she/they) is a 25 year old Filipino multidisciplinary artist currently based in
Saskatoon, Saskatchewan. He is in his second year pursuing a degree in Studio Art at the University of Saskatchewan. Aldeneil's creative journey encompasses fashion, drawing, and printmaking as a means to investigate the intricacies of self-expression and self-discovery.


Aldeneil's work is deeply informed and draws inspiration from the realms of psychology, art history, and the unique perspective of the queer gaze. With a focus on self-identity, his exploration revolves around his personal experience as a queer individual in the modern diaspora.

In the 525’s "Returning To," Aldeneil invites viewers to contemplate the concept returning to the self, that the self is the home. The self is a collection of memories, ideas, and biases, shaping one's unique worldview. In this body of work, Aldeneil delves into the interconnectedness of human experience through queer commentary.

Aldeneil Española Jr.'s art not only serves as a form of self-expression but also as a poignant reminder of what it means to be human, underscoring the significance of shared experiences and the unique lenses through which we perceive the world.

Anna Setyo

Anna Setyo is a local creative that has always been drawn to the natural beauty of the world in her work. For a decade, she worked as a boudoir photographer; capturing the effortless radiance of the feminine body. In 2018, her love of flowers manifested into a pink flower truck business that attracted many to this mini mobile flower garden in BC. Today she explores the expansion, creative energy of flowers into giant paper installations and light fixtures.

“Daisy” is a collection that asks its viewers to expand their thoughts and feelings when it comes to self expression in order to make their life and body feel more like home. I took the idea of something as small as a daisy and transformed my personal love for flowers into a life-size representation of it. Through these sculptures, I hope others lean into a maximalist idea of celebrating one's self through their home and personal interests. For those who may have felt apart from themselves over the past few years, like I have, I hope viewing a larger than life flower helps you return back to yourself and gives you the freedom to share what your personal loves are to the world.

Alessya Lautner, a Saskatoon local with an MA in Museum Art History from CUNY. She instructs ballet and contemporary at Thrive Dance and is a community engagement professional. With a passion for realism and nature artwork, Alessya constantly experiments with different mediums to create captivating pieces.

For the collection 'At Home,' Alessya focuses on portrait studies and conceptual works featuring bears. These majestic creatures excite her with their diverse characteristics found throughout Canada. For Alessya, bears symbolize the connections that span across the country, evoking a comforting sense of home when surrounded by nature.

With ongoing exploration and blending of various mediums, Alessya hopes when you view her pieces you’ll be reminded of the excitement of observing animals at large and where/who feels local to you.

Ilona Vashchyshyn is an emerging artist based in Saskatoon, Saskatchewan. Using a variety of media, including painting and drawing, Ilona’s work explores the themes of intimacy, vulnerability, and the body. Inspired by her own journey of finding home within her body, the collection of work chosen for this exhibition, entitled “Red,” uses the subject matter and the vivid colors to invite the viewer to reflect on the vibrancy of moments of human connection.