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Group Exhibition at Alt Haus, Saskatoon, SK Treaty 6 Territory

 August 2022

Curatorial Statement

As we come of age, we connect our past dreams with future sights.

Beneath glowing lights, we feel both present and lonely all at once.

In a fast-paced world where the future has become our present, our attention is constantly called outwards by a myriad of virtual stimuli, rendering us haunted by comparison and the fear of missing out.

But we’re also aware that no one forced us to become so distracted and so trapped, so unable to sit still and quiet and not need more likes, more feedback, more action, more “more.”

We are left longing for our home, for a meaningful connection with ourselves.

We are left with a yearning to reclaim lost moments, blinded by the flashing lights.

Curated playlist's by DJ Fu

Participating Artists

Abriana Fortugno


Berit Johnson

Chantelle Matkowski

Colleen Smith

Jaymie Raefta

Jessica Antonini

Jo Van

Jordan Baraniecki

Julia Gonzalez

Kristen Boye

Max McDougall

Rowen Dinsmore

Project Coordinator & Exhibition Curator: Isabel Bacalao
Project Coordinator &
Music: Kehan Fu
Creative Director & Exhibition Curator: Rowen Dinsmore
Audio Visual Coordinator: Hannah Scheu
Event Support: Cora Xiao, & Allie Harrington
Exhibition Contributors

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