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Group Exhibition in Saskatoon, SK Treaty 6 Territory

September 2021

Curatorial Statement

The 525 is a softly lit space, travelling between cozy rooms and intimate halls. We enjoy stumbling upon amazing art and indulging in lively conversation. It's an unexpected adventure, a spontaneous night out.

“DONDA where art thou”, our 1st popup of the season, is an event dedicated to the amazing women in our lives.

If Kanye’s music defined the 2000’s, “Bo Burnham may be this secular generation’s closest approximation to the Preacher from Ecclesiastes”. The skinny, white saviour we’ve waiting for.

Inside INSIDE, Bo walks the Ecclesiastical path. Writing, directing, and filming the special through the course of a year in a single room—quarantine style— Bo performs a comprehensive search for meaning in the modern mediated world.

Beneath the witty comedy and whimsical cinematography, behind the satirical commentary and catchy sing-alongs, we see a desperate exploration and a profound despair.

The pandemic stripped all of us of our shared vanity.
Disconnected with everything except for our virtual escape.
In this latest iteration of reality, as everyone is imbued with Internet overstimulation…

It almost feels as if we’re meant to feel smart but leave feeling dumb.
It seems as if we’re meant to feel happy but leave feeling numb.

Being born in ‘94 puts me in a temporal limbo, a weird technological era. While we grew up with the Internet, we used it for free Flash games and amateur animated videos.

Facebook changed everything for our generation, coinciding with our high school experience. All of a sudden, the internet wasn't "come over and we can watch Annoying Orange videos on my dad's computer," it was a substitute for that very experience.

Our interactions took place through the internet in the form of likes and comments. We didn't have to talk to each other when we could just post a status. Everything was a competition for likes, comments, and friend requests.

But we couldn’t stop - and really, was it our fault?
Aren’t we all just children, looking for validation and acceptance?
This just became our newest playground.


Curated playlist by DJ Fu

Participating Artists

Andrea Tkachuk

Jaymie Raefta

Rowen Dinsmore

Abby Holstlander

Alessya Lautner

Lesia Dawn

Fahd Hussain

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