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Group Exhibition at Stumbletown Distilling, Saskatoon, SK Treaty 6 Territory

 October 2022

Curatorial Statement

Disco is a drug - and we want to legalize it.

This is our homage. Studio 525.

Dance to the nostalgia of an era.

It's dark outside, but this night out has just begun.

Imagine the beautiful scenery and twisted back rooms. Live in the fantasy of glamour and exuberance.

Say fuck it to modern expectations.


When fantasy met reality and controversy was like a moth to a

flame, New York City had Studio 54.

Known for its lavish and glamorous night life and exclusive high-profile party guests, studio 54 lives on as the most monumental disco club in New York history. During the last couple years of the 1970s, the club gave its visitors the opportunity to dance their troubles away, forging the turbulent world beyond the glittery and sweaty dance floor. Open to the misfits and outcasts of the time as well as the odd horse, Studio 54 was nothing without its guest list and iconic photographs. Despite its long list of illegal activity, Studio 54 paved way for the LGBTQ2SA+ community and left a lasting impression on American music and pop culture.

With the intention to pay homage to the infamous scene that was Studio 54, The 525 Pop-Up presents to you Studio 525. With hopes to emulate its inclusive and open minded nature in a lively night filled with art, music, and dancing that reminds us of the fantasy and nostalgic glamour that our modern world so desperately needs reminding of after a time of such distance and separation.

Curated playlist's by DJ Fu

Participating Artists

Abriana Fortugno


Berit Johnson

Cadence Dutchyn

Colleen Smith

Darby Sutherland

Emily Johnson

Haley Klassen

Jiaqi Shang

Jordan Baraniecki


Nguyen Tran

Ona-Lee DeMong

Rachel Gray

Creative Director & Exhibition Curator: Rowen Dinsmore
Project Coordinator & Exhibition Curator: Isabel Bacalao
Audio Visual Coordinator: Hannah Scheu
Music: DJ Fu
Event Support: Kehan Fu, Cora Xiao, & Allie Harrington
Exhibition Contributors

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