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THE 525


The 525 was assembled when a group of friends realized their shared love for intimate artistic experiences.

In recognizing their diverse backgrounds and experiences, the team at the 525 bonded through a passion for exploring and experiencing art.

The 525 stands as a non-profit art organization grateful to their encouraging connections, striving to support Saskatchewan artists and the community at large.

Our Mission

Hosting pop-up art exhibitions that connect emerging artists from Saskatchewan with a wider audience.

​Our Vision

Making art central to Saskatchewan’s cultural identity.

Good Looking: A Short Film

In collaboration with Josh Campillos and Bokeh Media, the 525 created their first short film to coincide with their first solo exhibition; Good Looking by Delaney Yvonne.

The short film screened live at Remai Modern on April 4th, 2024, following the film Marie Antoinette by Sofia Coppola (2006) and a discussion panel with Rowen Dinsmore (Exhibition Curator), Aldeneil Española, Peace Akintade-Oluwagbeye, and Raquel Alvarado (host), with a special message from Delaney Yvonne (Exhibition Artist)

Learn more about the exhibition and watch the short film



Kehan Fu (Founding Director) + Rowen Dinsmore (Creative Director) + Isabel Bacalao (Founding Director)


Hannah Scheu (A/V Technician) + Devon Lieffers ('DJ Dev Daddy', Music Curator)


Kehan Fu

Co-Chair & Curator

Graeme Jobe


Isabel Bacalao

Co-Chair & Curator